How long are mobile nvidia chips supported?

I am looking at buying a dell laptop that comes with Nvidia MX230 and Ubuntu 18.04 (likely with HWE kernel) preloaded. How long are these mobile chips supported? if i read correctly the architecture is from 2016, but the chip is from 2019. Is there a chance that this chip will it be supported for the next 10 years? the chip looks good enough for office and some light gaming.

when support is dropped, how good are the nouveau drivers (which in effect replace the nvidia drivers) for mobile chips? do they cover most features?

on old AMD APU laptop i moved from fglrx to opensource. at first i stayed as long as possible on closed source driver (using the LTS version of the OS). all that time i kept checking latest kernels, to see what issues driver eliminated. but then suddenly in 2019 the opensource was good enough, so i could switch to it and i have no issues with it now. maybe it still doesn’t have all features implemented, but it does it’s basic job well.