Driver lifecycle policy, current... where?


Is there a current lifecycle policy document for Linux drivers available anywhere? One that’d include Quadro notebook variants?

And, how closely does policy match what actually happens? Because says 418 was the last branch with Kepler notebook variant support, but someone somewhere made nvidia-driver-418 to be a transitional-only to nvidia-driver-430… yes I know the PPAs are unofficial and all that, but is there an unofficial consensus that it should work or something?

Because, I’m actually running a K1000M on 440.something right now on Ubuntu 18.04 (lowlatency-hwe-edge kernel too) and it seems to work fine… actually a lot more reliable than the P1000 on 430.whatever on Windows on the other laptop has been so far (though, could’ve been other components on the motherboard that…)

(Yes, the K1000M is a HP, and yes, I do remember Rick Jones’s old thing about “unsupported, known to work” over on comp.sys.hp.hpux …)

Nothing official. From own experience, graphics still works, cuda 10.2 doesn’t.