Can't update to latest supported driver on Ubuntu 20.04


I can’t upgrade to the latest driver on Ubuntu.
The latest supported driver for my hardware (a K2000M) is 418

However, after using sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa Ubuntu only shows:

But clearly these options are out of date.

How do I upgrade?

Please try
sudo apt install nvidia-driver-440

Yep that fixed it. What a strange way to figure out if you can install a driver or not. Do you know:

  • Why it doesn’t appear in the Additional Drivers list?
  • Why it didn’t appear as an recommended when typing ubuntu-drivers devices
  • If there is ever going to be a graphical option (like GeForce) for Windows?

It seems like this method for updating drivers requires me as a user to know a lot.

You’re running a mobile Kepler, those are officially unsupported after 418.
since 418 isn’t a legacy driver, on Linux mobile Keplers are still inofficially supported by the latest 440 driver.
The ‘additional drivers tab’ only offers the latest driver for officially supported devices and legacy drivers. So it only displays 390. The 418 driver not being a legacy driver and not working on recent kernels.

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Doesn’t seem to work now, at last for my GT-755M on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.
When trying to run that command for 440 it installs 450 and doesn’t boot. No luck with installing 418 from .run file (doesn’t boot) either. As a collateral damage, now it doesn’t boot even with 390 and with gdm3 as well for some reason ;)
Do you know if something can be done, or am I stuck with default/390 driver? Don’t mean to ask you to troubleshoot my boot process, just wonder what NVidia driver do you think should in theory be compatible and how to properly install it, assuming I figure out all the other issues on my own.

Your gpu is still supported by the latest 460 driver. Ubuntu just put out buggy packages. Please run a system update and then add the graphics driver ppa and install the 460 driver from there.

First of all, uninstall the .run driver.