Unable to Update Nvidia Driver to 440+

Below are the details of my system :
GPU - Nvidia GTX1650
OS - ubuntu 16.04
Currently installed driver : 418
Maximum upgrade available : 430.
I have updated and Upgraded system using apt-get update and upgrade but not able to get Maximum upgrade 440+ .
Please help me out how to upgrade driver version with 440+.
Any help will be appreciated Thanks.

Due to 16.04 being a non-glvnd system, Ubuntu’s graphics drivers ppa does not release any newer driver than 430 for it.
Only method left is purging the packaged driver and use the .run installer from https://http.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/ and manually install/update it using the --dkms option.
Though installing a more recent Ubuntu release would be advisable.

Thanks @generix for reply.
After installing driver with run file Does there is chance to get laptop boot in loop and graphical interface will gone?
And does this will automatically install cuda ?

The driver is just the driver. The cuda toolkit has to be installed separately.
The chance for getting a login loop depends on your overall system. Don’t use the .run installer on a hybrid graphics notebook.