Nvidia driver 430.50 and ubuntu 16.04 compatibility

I have T2000 GPU and ubuntu 16.04 in my laptop(thinkpad p53). To use the supported version of nvidia driver, I installed 430.50. When I installed 430 version on Ubuntu16.04, the screen turned into black and it seems like it is not compatible with 430 driver. Can you check if the 430 version can be installed on ubuntu 16.04?
If not, i will have to upgrade to ubuntu 18.04 version in order to use t2000 cuda.

How did you install the driver, using the .run installer?
Please re-run the .run installer using the --uninstall option to uninstall. Then remove any nvidia driver packages running
sudo apt remove “nvidia*”
in an empty directory. Reboot, reinstall from ubuntu graphics ppa.
The next problem you’ll hit is that the 16.04 430 driver from ppa is broken, needs manual fix:
I’d rather recommend upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04.