After newly Nvidia graphic driver was installed, the RTX-1650 couldn't be worked in Ubuntu 20.04

As topic said, I tried to install Nvidia-graphic drvier 470 and 510 and graphic driver couldn’t be load correctly. Even worse,the screen will freeze during Ubuntu loading. I have attached link with nvidia-debug report and gpu information.
[Graphic driver issue - Google Drive]
P.S. The nvidia-graphic driver 460.91.03 can be normally worked.
Please help me! Thanks.

NVRM: GPU 0000:01:00.0: RmInitAdapter failed! (0x26:0x56:1253)

Known bug in the nvidia driver, currently you can only use driver 460 (drivers 470.63-470.82 might also work.

Thanks for your quickly reply. :)
Is it only for RTX-1650? Or also happens on other GPU cards?(ex.RTX-3080,RTX-3070,RTX-3080Ti)
Because I did the same testing with other GPUs, the result was same as RTX-1650.
If so, is there any plan to fix this bug from nvidia?

Besides, I have a question. Is it possible that this bug relates with hardware? Because I searched a lot of information from forums, someone could work with newly graphic driver on the same graphic card, but someone couldn’t be.

Yes, it also happens with other nvidia gpus, the bug is depending on the system platform, so far only happened on intel 8th and 10th gen core-i systems (and a similar bug on esxi vms).
I guess nvidia devs are aware of this, at least they’re collecting logs from affected users.

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Thanks for your answer. This information will help me a lot.
Is it also happened on Xeon series CPU?
If Xeon series is the same, I can only wait for updating from Nvidia.

So far, I didn’t see any reports about Xeon platforms but that doesn’t mean anything since those are rather rare combinations (Xeon+Geforce).

I understand. I’ll keep following Nvidia update. Thanks for your information.
Have a good day sir.

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