GF 700M series, wich driver to use?

Hello everybody,
I have old laptop with Nvidia GT750M GPU, i wanted to test render offload on it. However, suggest that current driver for that GPU is 418. These may be mistake, because even older 600m series is supported by most recent 440 series driver.
So i installed 440.26 on my pc and… everything works fine, including render offload. So why 750m series is no longer listed as supported for new driver resales?

Because support for mobile Kepler gpus ended with v418…on Windows. So it’s kind of unofficially supported on Linux.

Actually, on windows latest is 425. It is strange, because 640M LE is still supported, but it is even older Fermi architecture.

There are mostly Kepler 640M LE, only few Fermi ones.
Regarding mobile kepler depreciation, nvidia didn’t state a distinct driver version but “april 2019” so v425 is most likely correct. I mixed this up with 3D vision which ended with v418.
Nvidia’s depreciation schedule is becoming more and more weird.