GeForce GTX 765M support status

510.68.02 supported chips says that GeForce GTX 765M should be supported by the 470.xx driver.

However, 470.103.01 does not list GeForce GTX 765M among supported, and driver download doesn’t offer 470.103.01, only 390.147 is offered.

I’ve installed 470.103.01, and didn’t have problems so far. Nonetheless, support status of 765M really needs to be clarified. If it is indeed supported by 470.103.01 as 510.68.02 docs say, then why it’s not offered for download?

Because there’s a discrepancy between Windows and Linux drivers regarding mobile Kepler chips. Windows support stopped at driver 425, Linux support stopped at 470 but the website lists drivers based on Windows support frames.