NVIDIA latest 495 Linux Drivers no longer detected with GeForce 770


I have an older gaming system setup with Arch Linux that my siblings and cousins sometimes use to play some games with Proton (it has an older GeForce 770 GPU), and I did some regular system upgrades and maintenance only to find that the system would not load the graphics (hanging on starting arch 249…), I ran sudo dmesg in a TTY to figure out if there was any kernel output, only for it to read that the newest 495 drivers would not support or recognize the 770 card, even though I cannot confirm this to be the case on the driver website, can someone help?

I temporarily downgraded the nvidia-dkms and nvidia-utils package so I could boot into a graphical environment, but omg I do fear this is not sustainable.

Thank for your time~!!

gtx770 is kepler based which is now legacied, supported by the 470 legacy driver. Arch package should be nvidia-470xx