450.57 driver version for GeForce GT 730

Hi. Can anyone help me?
I have a GeForce GT 730 graphic card and I would like to install the 450.57 driver version to get access to the Vulkan technology. When I use the driver search tool on Nvidia website, it says that this is the most up-tp-date driver that I could use with my hardware and OS (Linux Mint 20 x64). However, when I download the .run file and try to install it, I get the message that the driver is not compatible with the model of my video card.
Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?
Since now, thanks for your attention.

Your card may require the release 390 legacy driver. Please use lspci -nn -d 10de: to look up the device ID of your GPU and check it against the table in the README: https://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/450.57/README/supportedchips.html

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Hi. Thanks for your reply.
So, I did what you’ve recommended and found the ID of my graphic-card (10de:0f02) under the letter C of the VDPAU features column. Sorry, I’m still kind of newbie on Linux. What does it mean? Is there still hope for me in using Vulkan?

The GT 730 (ID 0f02) card is not supported by the latest driver, it’s considered a legacy card and is only supported by the 390 series drivers.

From the documentation linked above:

Below are the legacy GPUs that are no longer supported in the unified driver. These GPUs will continue to be maintained through the special legacy NVIDIA GPU driver releases.

The 390.xx driver supports the following set of GPUs:

GeForce GT 730 0F02 C


Thank you. Now I understood.
One last question: was there a way that I could have known that the video-card that I was buying did not serve to what I wanted before I have bought it? Because I found 4 lines of the GeForce GT 730 on that list and only the ID of my video-card did not support the 450.57 driver. It must not be a matter of luck (or bad luck, in my case).