Which driver for a Quadro K1000M notebook

The information’s on the NVIDIA site are not very clear on the 515.65.01/README posted on this forum drivers for Quadro K1000M are the 470.xx, but in 470.141.03/README the card it is not present,
Here is the same nvidiadotcom/en-us/drivers/unix/legacy-gpu/K1000M need the 470xx drivers
So which driver is the real one? thanks
I’m sorry but I cant’t put link

The 470 driver is the correct version, mobile Kepler chips are not listed in their supported chips list.

Thanks for the answer, so I need the 390xx legacy driver? and NVIDIA NEED to fix the documentations

No,. you need 470.


I’am using ubuntu 22.10 wayland and the nvidia 470 drivers or xorg and the 470 drivers (both combinations are running)

I’am running ubuntu 23.10 with xorg and 23.10 with wayland nvidia driver is: 470-199-02