Help with GPU setup for NVIDIA GeForce 740M

So, I have been trying to get GPU support running on my laptop. I followed the instructions on this page: Installation Guide — NVIDIA Cloud Native Technologies documentation

And although I got all the requirements for GPU support, after I finished all the steps and ran the command nvidia-smi, there is still no GPU supported.

I got : Ubuntu 20.0
driver: 418.220
compute capability 3.0
CUDA version 10.1
docker: 20.10.11

I wonder if the problem might be that when installed docker and CUDA, I still used a linux provided driver Nouveau, and just later I found out and installed NDIVIA driver… but I dont know how to fix it… Don’t I have everything needed for GPU support? Maybe someone knows what to do…

Thank you

The 418 driver is too old to compile on recent kernels. Please install the 470 driver using Software&Updates, then install just the cuda-toolkit, e.g.
sudo apt install cuda-toolkit-10-1

Thank you! Now it works.

But isn’t the driver too new for the graphics card or is that not going to cause any trouble?

The v470 driver is the official legacy driver for Kepler based gpus for Linux. So it’s the correct driver for your gpu.

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