How many/much contexts DLA memory can afford?


I tried to load multiple contexts (originated from DLA engine) as many as possible.
From these experiments, I found that it hold maximum 4 dla-contexts at the same time.


I also checked that each context requires 4,178,432 Byte.
(I checked this by calling the API “engine->getDeviceMemorySize()”.)

I want to stop loading dla engines before I load DLA engine too much.

In ‘Xavier Technical Reference Manual’, I found that
DLA memory(CVSRAM) has 4MiB physical memory and 256MiB virtual memory space.

However, Both 4MiB and 256MiB can’t be the threshold between 4,178,432Byte4 and 4,178,432Byte5.

Why “NvMediaDlaLoadLoadable : load loadable failed.)” error occurs?

If the error is caused by the limitation of DLA’s own memory size,
how much amount of memory-size DLA memory can afford for DLA contexts?

Thanks in advance.



Xavier only has 2DLA.

So the optimal contexts should be two.
Or the context needs to be executed in turns.