What is the condition for error "NvMediaLoadLoadable: load loadable failed"


Last time, I left the post asking about the error “NvMediaLoadLoadable: load loadable failed”.

He/She answered me that it is caused by DLA’s memory.

However, I need more specific reasons why it happens and when it happens.

  1. Could you let me know the condition statement for this error? or how DLA contexts meet some limitations?

  2. What is the meaning of DLA’s memory? Is it on-chip DLA memory? or DRAM memory allocated for DLA?

  3. Is there any reason why there are some limitations on DLA’s memory? Is there any way to release those limitations?

  4. Is there any way to check if the system can afford more DLA context? What do I have to do to avoid the “NvMediaLoadLoadable” error before loading the new DLA context?

Thanks in advance.


Please check How to know when to stop generating new DLA context? for the following.

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