How much video memory


how can i find out, how much video memory is the right for my applications?

I created vms with the m60-1b profil. It has 1024 MB video memory.

My users are working fine with this profile, but i took a look into the performance counters and see, that the available video memory is sometimes only 12 MB. But never lower.

What happens, if the applications has not enough video memory? does it swap to VM RAM ? Or will the application crash?

Today, 4GB of VRAM is more than enough for 1080p gaming. However, if you are planning on gaming in QHD and UHD resolutions any time soon, going with 8GB is the safer bet. VRAM, or video RAM, is one of the more standout specifications of a graphics card. For downloading movie use Tubemate download is an android application that gives you the ease of downloading online videos with fast speed and resume facility

I don’t want to play games. Our users are working with AutoCAD and inventor.

So my question was, what happens if the framebuffer is not enough.

Swap in Sysmem. 1B might not be enough for AutoCAD or Inventor, especially for multi monitor deployments. You can use GPUProfiler to check the FB load. 12MB already shows that there is a swap in sysmem happening as it starts with 95% saturation.