How to abort infinite loop CUDA kernel on Vista

I’m using Windows Server 2008 (Vista) and need a way to abort a CUDA call that has gone into an infinite loop. Pressing ctrl-C does nothing (maybe because interrupts are disabled inside OS calls) Pressing ctrl-alt-delete to bring up the task manager hangs the machine.

Previously, I just waited 8 seconds for Windows display timeout to abort the program. But after installing Nexus, I had to disable the timeout.

Please help

Get the $20 display card from newegg and make your fat GPU only for computation… That migh help… But I have no experience with Vista…It could be different…

I already have a NVS 295, and I’m using Tesla 1060, which has no display hardware and has very low variance run times.

One thing that I remember is Window’s desktop has to be extended onto Tesla in order for Tesla to recognize it. I suppose if I don’t do that, Ctrl C might work. How?