How to access all 40 GPIO headers


i tried accessing GPIOs using Jetson.GPIO libabry and i was getting invalid value error for GPIO < 20 and the when i tried configuring it using sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/ only 20 GPIOs are accessible, Is it possible to access rest of them?

Hi Eldho_K_K,

Are you using the Orin Nano devkit(p3768) for Orin NX?
If not, you could not use Jetson-IO to configure 40-pins header.
Jetson-IO would not work for the custom carrier board due to different board design.

What’s your Jetpack version in use?

Hi @KevinFFF,

I have Jetson Orin NX this.

Jetpack installed is 5.1.1

It seems a custom board from SeeedStudio.
Those 40 pins may not the same as the devkit so that you could not use Jetson-IO to configure them.

You should use pinmux spreadsheet or modify the pinmux dtsi directly.

Okay thanks

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