How to add RTC battery in Jetson Orin Nano

Hello, this is my first post. I couldn’t find any information about how to add RTC (real time clock) battery holder for Orin Nano. Would you tell me how to add battery? The document says 'The connector used is a Wieson Technologies AC2651-0011-003-HH, 2-pin, 1.25 mm pitch connector’, but I couldn’t find it by googling.

For Jetson Nano, this worked for me. But, Orin Nano’s surface looks different. I would be grateful if you could give me some advice:)

You can get the assembly file and schematic of P3768_A04 board package in DLC.

Then you can get the pin 1 of J3 (The pad pointed by arrow mark). Also please note to add R560.

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Hi, thank you for your prompt reply. I didn’t notice that there is arrow head on the board as well.

Also please note to add R560.
Where the resistor should be placed? Is the area I circled in the photo?
スクリーンショット 2023-06-10 220956

Would you mind If I ask you to share a picture of the board with resister and coin battery?

Here, I am sharing a part of the file from Trumany .

I found the literature about R560 and I was right about position of the resister. I’m sorry for bothering you.

If anyone has a photo, I would appreciate it if you could post it.

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