How to use module RTC DS3231 in Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit

Hello, this is my first post. I couldn’t find any information about how to add RTC (real time clock) battery holder for Orin Nano. The document says 'The connector used is a Wieson Technologies AC2651-0011-003-HH connector’, but I don’t have it.

This articel use DS3231 time clock in Jetson TK1. I have DS3231, but the steps in orin nano not works. I would be grateful if you could give me some advice:)

The DS3231 is connected to the Jetson i/o connector as follows:
GND pin 6 → DS3231 (GND)
VCC pin 1 → DS3231 (VCC – 3.3V)
SCL pin 5 → DS3231 (SCL)
SDA pin 3 → DS3231 (SDA)

Hi rahmanahmad217,

What’s your Jetpack version in use?

Hai, thank you for your prompt reply
I use Jetpack 5.1.1

Please refer to this topic: How to add RTC battery in Jetson Orin Nano

Hi, @Trumany thank you for your prompt reply
I’ve seen that topic, i found RTC battery connector

Is it true that you cannot use the RTC DS3231 in the Jetson Orin Nano? and i don’t understand about schematic of P3768_A04 board package in DLC, can you explain? I just started using Jetson.

Your connection should be no problem for an external RTC device. How did you handle I2C1 port to read the RTC time?

I think, first I have to install the DS3231 module then auto run the script for RTC integration. but I have problems installing the DS3231 module. Do you any idea?

when build RTC module, installation stop in this scrip

As said, your connection shuld be ok. You need to scan devices on I2C1 port. Do you know how to handle the I2C port on Jeton?

Okay i don’t know about that

is this an I2C address of DS3231?

It seems there’re 2 I2C devices on your I2C bus 1 (address: 0x25 and 0x40).

Please check the data sheet of your RTC DS3231 for the I2C device address.

Hai @KevinFFF this is the dataset of RTC DS3231

in another reference it says that the rtc module consists of DS3231 RTC and AT24C32 EEPROM

How can I handle the device?

You should check with vendor of DS3231 for how to handle it. We dont have support for such 3rd-party device.

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Okay thanks, Can you please tell which battery socket is suitable for jetson orin devkit and what pin of J3 for + pole and - pole?

Is a wiring like this safe for the device?

Your board is Jetson nano, not Orin nano. Please don’t paste such topic here. The poles are correct.