Real Time Clock (RTC) DS 3231 Jetson TX2

I have a RTC clock (DS 3231) and would like to use it to keep the correct time over a restart. Therefore I connect this RTC module to the I2C Bus 0 and I can see with i2cdetect that the device is connected correctly.

I have tried to follow this tutorial. Unfortunately I have not found a way to load/install the module rtc_ds1307.

Am I on the right way ?
Is there the module rtc_ds1307 for the Jetson TX2 ?

Many Thanks in advance

Maybe you can use interal RTC instead?

Like just use a battery like cr2032 to connect to VDD_RTC directly.
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You can get more information from the datasheet.

Also, most of the 3rd party carrier board integrated the RTC battery, it’s a good idea to try one of them.

I use the Jetson TX2 Developer Kit.
Is there a pin for the VDD_RTC ? I could not find one in the documentation.

There is a 80000uF cap (C72) on the pin ‘BBAT’ for RTC, you can find it in the schematic in DLC:

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Many thanks for all your help