How to apply patches to Jetson Xavier NX/ or Nano?


I am trying to build Latest L4T from sources from nvidia and I would like to apply few patches on it, how to apply patches to Jetson Xavier NX/ or Nano? please let me know if there a guide.

Are they kernel patches, or something else? We would have to know the details to answer that.

NOTE: This should probably be in the NX or Nano forum.

Moving to Jetson Xavier NX forum.

Yes, please tell us whether you are trying to apply kernel patch or something else.

Hi, I am trying to build customized BSP from L4T package, I am able to build from source, I want to apply my patch files to the kernel and build the BSP so please guide me on how to apply patches


There is no guide for “applying patch”… The command to apply patch depends on whether the patch is a git patch or just a diff file. Or maybe other terms of files. This depends on your patch.

And your previous comment is still not clear to other people. A customized BSP still include lots of categories… it may include kernel, or any other binaries that forms the “BSP”…

ok, its just a diff file. can you please let me know the commands or steps to follow?

Customization includes kernel.

You can search the answer on the google search.

thank you