How to backup my rootfs

I used a sd card to store the rootfs, and I install the jetpack and other lib on it, now I want to backup it.
I used this command “sudo ./ -r -k APP -G sd.img jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-emmc mmcblk1p1” and it generate the sd.img and sd.img.raw. when I mount the sd.img.raw on my host, I cannot found jetpack and my lib on it.
how can I do to backup my rootfs for flash.

hello anrui,

is this Xavier NX eMMC version, but you’re putting rootfs on the SD card?

yes I used my custom board, and used sdmmc3 connect sd card.

You cannot directly mount a raw image. This requires loopback. Were you using loopback to mount the image?

yes I used the loopback to mount

When you mounted it sounds correct how you did this. Can I verify this is an eMMC model and not an SD card model? If it is SD card, then things wouldn’t work as expected. I ask because I want to verify your target really is “jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-emmc”; if it is the eMMC model, but on an alternate carrier board, then some changes are probably needed.

When restoring you’d end up using the “-r” option in the command, and this prevents overwriting whatever content you have in the file “Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/system.img”. You would copy your unmounted image to that file name (you could save space with move instead of copy, but either way, this takes a long time). Once the image is there, then it is safe to run “sudo ./ -r jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-emmc mmcblk0p1”. Note that I used "mmcblk0p1, not mmcblk1p1. I think in most boards the “1” version would be the wrong device.

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