How to bring up my board?

Hello everyone,I have designed my own carrier board to merried the Jetson Nano Module(with 16GB eMMC),I finished to flash my board with SDK Manager and I used the target hardware of Jetson Nano(P3448-0020),I can enter the L4T system,but I can’t detecte the SD Card.
Here is the list of interface on my board:

  • 1xHDMI;
  • 1xSD(SDMMC3);
  • 1xUSB HUB(RTS5411S);
  • 1xGigabit Ethernet;
  • 1xPCIE(4 lane for M.2 SSD);
  • My questions:
    1.What do I need to do to fit my board?
    2.Is there any guide for me to setp by step bring up my board?
    3.Where is the device tree source of the Jetson Nano Developer Kit(new version with 2 csi cameras)
    4.Do I need to modify the boot source or kernel source?


    If system is able to boot up and only I/O are not detected, then there is no general guide. We have different device tree and driver to check for each peripheral.

    For sdcard issue, please apply the patch in below link