[How To] Build Modules and Drivers Example

I’ve made a YouTube video with a little write up as an example of building drivers and modules for an Intel 7260 wireless mini-PCIe card for the Jetson:

It’s a basic walk through with shell files available on Github, the example is shown running under LT4 21.1. Files are built natively on the Jetson.

If you just want the 7260 Driver, looky here:

I did this these videos for a few reasons. First, I needed a driver for the 7260 on 21.1. Secondly, I thought it would be useful to have a reference on how to get started building a driver or module without having to build the entire kernel. Third, something to refer to sometime down the road when I have hopefully forgotten the entire process. The video is not meant as an exhaustive explanation, just as a “Here’s how I built one”. Hopefully that will give you a starting point to build a module or driver for yourself.

The advantage of modules and/or drivers is that you don’t have to flash the Jetson in order to add them to your system, they just mostly need to be placed in the correct spot in the file system. Make sure you save them somewhere after you build them, so that you don’t lose them the next time you flash.

This is meant for intermediate folks, you should be comfortable with shell files, permissions and the layout of the system files. Season to taste.