How to build UEFI bootloaer for jetpack 5.1.3(R35.5.0)

I want to upgrade my system from jetpack 5.1.1 to jetpack 5.1.3. On my jetpack 5.1.1 system, I had some UEFI bootloader changes on r35.3.1-updates branch.

I have to have those UEFI changes on jetpack 5.1.3. How can I build UEFI bootloader for jetpack 5.1.3(R35.5.0)? I did not see any branches related to r35.x on UEFI.

Hi harry_xiaye,

For JP5.1.3(L4T R35.5.0), you can run the following command to download the source.

$ edk2_docker edkrepo clone nvidia-uefi-r35.5.0-updates NVIDIA-Platforms r35.5.0-updates

This works.

Thanks, @KevinFFF

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