How to change 3.10.96-tegra. What is "3.10.96+"? (Two kernel in TX1)

Hello. I have the problem.

When I installed the driver of miniPCIe video capture, An error has occurred.
The kernel is different. This driver is only work at 3.10.96-tegra.
I checked kernel version to use ‘uname -r’. The kernel in my Tx1 is 3.10.96+.

As far as I know, the kernel is 3.10.96-tegra in Jetpack 2.3.1.

In /lib/modules, There is two folders, 3.10.96+, 3.10.96-tegra
I want to set 3.10.96-tegra. How can I change kernel version?

And, I want to install with 3.10. 96-tegra. What should I do?

Thank you for reading even poor English.

I don’t know the whole story on this, but the “+” seems to be added in when using a git version of the source code. There was some feature about appending “-dirty” when using uncommitted code, but for whatever reason it still appends “+”…though my own idea is it shouldn’t do this, it is annoying.

If you used the source code from the script (which JetPack would use), then I believe you will see this “+” appended to whatever name there would be…this uses a git repository.

Modules are searched for in “/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/”, so if your kernel has the “+”, then you will need to install the correct module directory with the “+” in its name. As long as you don’t use an initrd file this isn’t usually a problem. If you use initrd, then you need to update the initrd as well. Some versions of L4T used initrd, and among those, some initrd files are 0 bytes and not really used.

NOTE: In the kernel source see file “scripts/setlocalversion”.

EDIT: I see that file refers to mercurial, which is also a distributed version control system. Haven’t used this before.