How to change boot logo image on orin nano

I have a Orin nano development kit board with system on micro SD card. For orin nano, the bootloader is changed to UEFI, how can I change boot logo image on UEFI bootloader?
BTW, is UEFI in Orin nano module instead of micro SD card?

Hi, you need to replace BMP files in the UEFI source code and re-compile it yourself before flashing. Check these two posts for UFEI source code, files you need to handle with, and how to compile it:

For the second question, YES. The UEFI firmware resides in the internal QSPI memory instead of SD card.

Do SD card have kernel image?

Not sure about your question.
It’s already included in the BSP downloaded from our website.

I mean the kernel image, dtb and extlinux start config files etc, those files are under /boot, I suppose they are all from SD card, not Nano module, right?

Yes, only UEFI things are on the module itself.

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