How to change the image file to OS image for Jetson Nano

I want to input my own data inside the SD card for Jetson Nano 2GB. But my image file is jpg so how I change my image file to OS image?

I’m not sure what you mean by changing the OS image (the actual operating system, not a picture) versus a file which is jpg since they are completely unrelated. Can you give an idea of what it is you actually want to accomplish or have as an end result?

Because I want to flash my own data image inside the Sd card but my own data is in JPG form which the system not allow me to flash it.

Are you talking about a custom the splash image which shows up briefly during start of boot? Otherwise there really isn’t anything related to a JPG which is part of an “image” in this sense. Most of the time on this forum, when speaking in this context, the “image” means the filesystem containing the operating system itself, not a graphical image.

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