How to compile kernel in Jetson Nano and update kernel with modules and dtb without any Host or secondary System?

can anyone tell me how to compile the kernel, install modules and modify dtbo files within the jetson nano, without any secondary system,
Previously I did this with Raspberry Pi with the help of this How to compile a Linux kernel for the Raspberry Pi 4 on Raspbian - The Tech Journal

I tried to follow this, but L4T little bit different from the Raspberry Pi kernel, can anyone help me on how to compile the kernel and load modules and dtbo files without any secondary system(host).


Please check OTA Update section in developer guide

@DaneLLL I’m using Jetson nano, but here it does not show any Jetson nano
Applies to: Jetson Xavier NX, Jetson AGX Xavier series, and Jetson TX2 series only

and I want kernel compilation and modules installation and dtb update within Jetson Nano itself, not updating updating the BSP over the air.

Is that possible i Jetson Nano?

For customizing kernel, please check Kernel Customization section:

Official docs cover cross compile, and although it would be slow, you can build kernels and/or modules natively on the Jetson as well. You’d probably need to have something like a thumb drive or other external storage though since kernel source plus intermediate build components take a lot of space. For example, you could create a thumb drive partition and mount it on “~/kernel” (you’d first “mkdir ~/kernel”). Here is some native compile information:

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