Kernel build and sd card image

I am new to linux development. Uploaded the sd card image to sd card and insert to jetson nano development kit. I need to test the peripherals by using kernel development.
I have a doubt in the initial stage weather i need to use Jetson Nano Desktop for the Kernal building or else any other Method is there.Please suggest on this.

At this stage i have a query i.e i have downloaded the GCC Tool chain,Kernal source file,rootfile system source in the nvidia website. i have installed GCC Tool chain and complied the kernal source file in ubuntu18.04 linux without connecting Devlopment Kit.

How to export the complied Kernal images to Jetson Nano Development Kit.

Below is the website link,i was followed for build the kernel.

Replace the file /boot/Image on your jetson. That is where the kernel gets loaded.

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