How to config the MAC address of RTL8111GS?

I develop a custom TK1 board.
On my own TK1 board I use the RTL8111GS to as the ethernet phy.I found the chip is different from the one on board of Jetson TK1.My own chip does not have an MAC address in the internal flash of RTL8111GS.

I edit the rc.local to config the MAC address by software,and the ethernet works,but sometimes the ethernet breaks down and i have to do the following:"
if config down eth0
if config up eth0"

I wonder if there is a software tool to config the mac address of RTL8111GS,to flah the internal flash of RTL8111GS.
Thank you.

Hello, Asong:
I’m not sure how to flash RTL8111GS MAC address, you may have to ask the chip vendor for the detailed instructions.

As a temp solution, you can check the network device driver in Linux kernel and hardwire the mac address in driver.


I has the same problem: can’t flash RTL8111GS MAC address for my custom board .did you has solution this question ?

How do you flash the mac address? Which tool or software do you use?

A workaround for a similar issue is here, but I don’t know that it’d be good enough for a shipping product: