How to config to get two Cameras working On Tx1

Currently, As we know, the TX1 Board have one built-in Camera module(OV5693), In my board, I need connect two OV5693 sensor to TX1. I want to use the 1 X 4 mode(Singe camera with 4 lane sensor using CSI_PPA,CSI1_PPA) for each ov5693 device.
connect OV5693-A to CSI_PPA
connect OV5693-B to CSI1_PPA.

I think, I believe I need to update the device tree file, right?
Can you tell me what is the directory of ov5693 dts file in the source tree?
Can you tell me how to modify the ov5693 dts file in the source tree?
It is more better if you can provide us one sample file.

hello 27653276,

according to TX1 Software Features, Jetson-TX1 is able to support multiple cameras.
suggest you refer to Tegra X1 (SoC) Technical Reference Manual-> [CHAPTER 31: VIDEO INPUT (VI)]-> [Single and Multiple Stream Datapaths] session to understand the hardware configuration.
please also refer to below sensor device tree source for two 4-lane configuration.


Hello JerryChang,

I can find two following file:
include "Compatible = “nvidia,ov5693"”

Which file to need modify? what is the difference about two file?


hello 27653276,

if you look into sensor device tree, you will found they’re 6-camera and single camera description.
six camera: tegra210-camera-e3333-a00.dtsi
single camera: tegra210-camera-e3326-a00.dtsi

since you would like to have 4-lane implementation, please refer to comment #2 for the device tree port binding samples,

Hello JerryChang,

Thanks for your information.
Sorry, I 'm confusing how linux ov5693.c driver is binding camera dtsi file.
By my understand, driver binding the device tree node by .compatible = “nvidia,ov5693”
But There are keyword string .compatible = “nvidia,ov5693” in both camera dtsi file
Can you please explain how the ov5693.c driver is binding above which dtsi file?

Maybe,Let me ask another question,If my project want six ov5693 cameras to work, What to update with ov5693.c driver source?



hello 27653276,

tegra210-camera-e3333-a00.dtsi is for the camera board with six ov5693 sensor, hence it could use same kernel driver. in the sensor device tree, it assign each ov5693 sensor to different CSI ports.
please also check the Tutorials page, you may refer to [V4L2 Sensor Driver Development Tutorial] for details.

Sorry, I can not locate the [V4L2 Sensor Driver Development Tutorial] after go to Tutorials page.

Can you send me the detail link for V4L2 Sensor Driver Development Tutorial?

I get the V4L2 Sensor Driver Development Tutorial.
Those type Development Tutorial is helpful, Are there another modules Development Tutorial? such as DSI/WIFI