How to configure CUDA in GeForce GT620M?

My PC integrated with NVIDIA GeForce GT620M, as I reviewed GT620M support CUDA, I need to explain how to configure CUDA using CUDA toolkit 7.5 in windows 8.1?

The windows installation guide should help:

Note that the GPU driver on your PC probably is already sufficient to support CUDA 7.5 So you may wish to skip the installation of the GPU driver from the CUDA 7.5 toolkit (you can deselect this option in the installer). Any GPU driver of 352.xx or higher should be fine with CUDA 7.5

You can discover which GPU driver version you have in the NVIDIA display control panel.

My GPU is GeForce GT620M, its driver version is 327.02, could you recommend CUDA 7.5 toolkit? if NO which version you suggest?


CUDA core of my GPU is 96.

GT 620M is a compute capability 2.1 GPU:

so CUDA 7.5 should be usable with that GPU. The CUDA 7.5 installer comes with a bundled driver. You should accept the driver from the installer, because your 327.02 driver is too old to use with CUDA 7.5.

You can get the installer here:

Happy new year
I have installed CUDA toolkit, but still some problems not fixed yet as follow:
1-Some of dll files faced a problem after installation (as you see in the attached shot), could you clarify
how I fixing them.
2-I have Downloaded/Installed visual studio (as you see in the attaches shot), unfortunately during CUDA
installation a popup window requiring installing visual studio (as you see in the attached shot), how can I
solve this problem?


The dll file problem is indicating that the 353.90 driver is not WHQL-logoed (for your GPU, perhaps). This should not present any issues, but if you wish to eliminate that notice, install a whql-logo’d driver for your GPU that is version 352.xx or higher. You can do this by going to the website and downloading a driver for your GPU.

Regarding the Visual studio issue, VS 2015 is not compatible with CUDA 7.5. The compatible versions of VS are listed in the installation guide I linked previously.

You could fix that problem by installing VS 2013 community edition, then re-install CUDA 7.5 toolkit. And if you are concerned about the 353.90 driver, you should install your preferred driver after completing this VS install/CUDA install sequence.

For example, this driver should be whql-logo’ed for your GT620M GPU:

If after installing that driver, you still have the same notice, then you would need to go to your laptop manufacturer’s website to see if they have a specific, recent (352.xx or newer) driver for your laptop.