How to configure Intel oneAPI to use NVIDIA GPU drivers?

On my W10 notebook I have NVIDA GPU drivers (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M), Visual Studio 2022 where I can program and run the CUDA program (CUDA 11.8 Runtime - VS22 template) without any problems.

Then I installed the Intel OneAPI Basic Toolkit and run the first SYCL example program (Base Vector Add):

Running on device: Intel(R) HD Graphics 620
Vector size: 10000
LLVM ERROR: SPIRV internal error.

The oneAPI mentioned in Supported Architectures and Terminology:

Graphics Driver Installation:

Intel® oneAPI 2023.0 is validated on Windows and Linux for the following driver versions

Windows Intel® Graphics Driver
To install the driver follow the directions in the article appropriate for your device
    Intel® Iris® Xe MAX (DG1) and 10th-13th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor Graphics
    Intel® Arc™ A-Series Graphics (DG2)
    Intel® Data Center GPU Flex Series (ATS-M)
    Contact your OEM representative for access to the Intel Registration Center.
Linux General Purpose Intel GPUs (GPGPU) Driver
For all Intel GPUs, see this article,, and follow the directions for your device.

Doe’s anybody knows how to configure oneAPI in VS22 to use NVIDIA GPU driver?

Further up that page it also mentions:

GPU analyses

  • All GPU analyses are supported on Intel® processors with 9th generation of Intel HD or Iris Graphics (formerly Skylake) or newer.

Intel are a direct GPU competitor with Nvidia, so it’s unlikely they support the use of Nvidia products with their tools.

Is there any other possibility to create SYCL program for NVIDIA GPU? What would you recommend?

SYCL isn’t a NVIDIA product. It’s also not CUDA or CUDA programming. However I’m fairly certain that SYCL code can be run on NVIDIA GPUs in some circumstances, so I think google is your friend, if you don’t get any advice here.

Hi Robert,

Many thanks for your advice. I will have a look on it.

To my surprise I am running SHA256 under wsl on my notebook with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M with the speed of about 2.5 GH/s.

On the other side when I run HMAC-SHA1 and PBKDF2 as C++ VS22 CUDA program fully on the device I will get just about 700 H/s.

That’s why I am interested in SYCL to try to speed up the HMAC-SHA1 a PBKDF2 calculations.

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