How to configure static IP on Jetson Orin NX with JP6.0-dp

This is simply a bug report, not a support request!

TLDR: I was able to successfully set a static IP using the following command
ifconfig -a eth0

On my machine the GUI network manager doesn’t work. It looks like all is normal when trying to use it to change settings, but the changes don’t take effect after pressing apply. I found a slew of support requests on the forums here that outline various other ways to set a static IP, but they didn’t work either.

6.2DP is with Ubuntu 22.04 by default, so you may follow the steps to set up static IP address:
How to Configure Static IP Address on Ubuntu 22.04 – TecAdmin

I was already able to set a static IP using ifconfig. This is just a bug report.

The GUI method mentioned in this link did not work. I didn’t try using the CLI method mentioned in the article.

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