How to configure the TX2 Kernel Configuration?

The Kernel Configuration has so many items, I dont konw how to config these items.
Such as General setup–>
Enable loadable module support–>

Do have some reference files to explain the meaning of every item ?
So that I can config them easily and comfortably.
The command I use is menuconfig.
Thank you very much!

Hi lnu_liuyang,

Please refer to the L4T development guide first -

Thank you for your reply!
I want to config the Kernel Configuration,and how to config every item.Thank you !

Is there a graphical interface configuration manual to config the Kernel Configuration

Have a try make menuconfig need install “sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev”


I had open the menu of Kernel Configuration .
But I dont konw how to config the every item of menu of Kernel Configuration .
Are you clear what I say???
I want a manual which can tell me how to config the menu of the Kernel Configuration.

I think you can find every item by google search.

I want a manual which can tell me how to config the menu of the Kernel Configuration.

You can get a basic idea on how to configure each menu item by reading the help message available when you run the make menuconfig command

Because I dont konw how to configure each option to config Y ,N ,M,and the meaning of every item of the Kernel Configuration .

Thank you very much!That’s a good idea!

The target “make tegra_defconfig” will set sane defaults for everything. From there you simply need to start the “make menuconfig”, and then set a few entries which you are interested in changing.

The “y” entries change the kernel itself, and may imply a need to do a more involved installation. The “m” entry builds as a module, and is a simple file copy, but not all features can be in module format (“make menuconfig” will not offer “m” if module format is not available).

Note that a Jetson will show its current running config via the “/proc/config.gz” file. After gunzip of this and change of name to “.config”, this is nearly an exact match for duplicating the existing config. CONFIG_LOCALVERSION is the only thing this does not match. This thread is a bit old, but has some basics:

Note that “make tegra_defconfig” is mostly the same as starting with the “/proc/config.gz” file you would obtain and put in place if the system you copy the file from uses the default kernel.

This talks about modules versus integrated features (“m” versus “y”):