How to confirm the I2C addr?


I am using NX on our own carrier board,I don’t know where to find the I2C addr for each HW i2c bus(Module Pin
Name:I2C0_SCL/SDA, I2C1_SCL/SDA, I2C2_SCL/SDA etc…). which document should I refer to?


Check the pinmux xlsm file to find the i2c0_scl and check the SFIO row get I2C2_CLK, then I2C2 means HW i2c bus2 and minus 1 to map to software bus, the get i2c bus 1 for software define. The you should be able to find the address by searching i2c1 at device tree.

                i2c0 = "/i2c@3160000";
                i2c1 = "/i2c@c240000";
                i2c2 = "/i2c@3180000";
                i2c3 = "/i2c@3190000";
                i2c4 = "/bpmp_i2c";
                i2c5 = "/i2c@31b0000";
                i2c6 = "/i2c@31c0000";
                i2c7 = "/i2c@c250000";
                i2c8 = "/i2c@31e0000";


There is no TRM like “Parker_TRM_DP07821001p.pdf”(NVIDIA Parker Series SoC) for Xaiver NX?

Xavier for NX