Xavier NX SOC I2C to bus mapping

I tried to use I2C buses from the SOM (I2C0, I2C1, I2C2 and CAM I2C) from user space. I figured out from “i2cdetect” that CAM I2C maps to “/dev/i2c-2”. What is mapping of I2C0, I2C1 and I2C2 from SOM to “/dev/i2c-x”?
Thanks in advance.

Have reference to below topic for bus and pin relationship.

Thanks for the response. I downloaded Xiver NX Pinmux table but could not find base address of I2C buses from the Pinmux table.

I still can’t find mapping between the I2Cs from SOM to “/dev/i2c-x”.

Have a check to this.

I2C addresses

Bus I2C Label Device Tree
i2c0 3160000 I2C1_CLK/I2C1_DAT
i2c1 c240000 I2C2_CLK/I2C2_DAT
i2c2 3180000 I2C3_CLK/I2C3_DAT
i2c3 3190000 DP_AUX_CH1_*
i2c4 31a0000 N/A
i2c5 31b0000 DP_AUX_CH0_*
i2c6 31c0000 DP_AUX_CH2_*
i2c7 c250000 2C4_CLK/I2C4_DAT
i2c8 31e0000 2C5_CLK/I2C5_DAT

Thanks again. I will need the mapping from the I2C0, I2C1 and I2C2 of the Xavier NX SOM to the “Bus I2C”.
For example, the table above only specifies “i2c2 3180000 I2C3_CLK/I2C3_DAT” but it does not relate “i2c2” to “CAM I2C” on the Xavier NX SOM. What I need is mapping:

SOM I2C => Bus I2C
I2C0 => ?
I2C1 => ?
I2C2 => ?
CAM I2C => 2

I found more information from Device Tree:
cam_i2c = “i2c@3180000”
hdr40_i2c0 = “i2c@c240000”
hdr40_i2c1 = “i2c@31e0000”

It seems SOM I2C0 is mapped to Bus I2C-1, SOM I2C1 is mapped to Bus I2C-8

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