I2C busses swapped on J509 (cam connector) ? (Solved)

Am i right that there has been a swap on the i2c busses ?

On Tx2 and the Xavier the schematics say that pin:
TX2: 75 and 77 is I2C3, now called I2C_GP3 on the Xavier
TX2: 87 and 89 is I2C2, now called I2C_GP2
TX2: 105 and 107 is I2C1, now called I2C_GP4 ???

so how is that now in the /dev/i2c-x ? what GPX is what i2c-x ?

Can find anything about this in the documentation, but it looks like GP4 is not i2c-1 :/

Hi, please check I2C chapter in Xavier OEM Design Guide first.