How to create an IoT platform using Jetson Platform

Hello everyone, i’m new to Jetson Platform, first of all, what is Jetson platform? is it the hardware (for example Jetson Nano)? i want to build an IoT project to connect to IoT devices on the field, collect data, analyse the data and then if necessary send back actions (alerts, instructions). Please i need help.

Hi @snippeurschool, the Jetson platform generally refers to the hardware (e.g. Jetson Nano) plus the software (e.g. JetPack). JetPack includes L4T (Linux kernel + drivers), CUDA Toolkit, cuDNN, TensorRT, vision libraries, multimedia APIs, ect.

For IoT applications that communicate back to the cloud, you may want to check out these projects:

If you do not require edge-to-cloud integration, and want to send the alerts/notifications directly from the Jetson, then you can follow a tutorial like Hello AI World to make the inferencing/detection part, and then hook it up to whatever notification system/library you are trying to use.

Thank you @dusty_nv , is there any way to build my IoT app without having the Jetson Nano?

Certainly there are a lot of IoT applications out there that simply use network-enabled sensors (or wifi-enabled) and process the data all in the cloud, but if you wanted to perform inferencing onboard at the point of origin then Jetson is great for that. There are many advantages of this, such as low-latency of detections, decreased bandwidth (from knowing what you data you need to stream), security (i.e. you can anonymize/redact data at the source), and connectivity (if your IoT device is remote and has spotty connection, you can still do the processing onboard)

Okay, can i run the Jetpack on my personnal computer or on a server (HP proliant) as a virtual machine. Since for the moment i’m a student living in Gabon, i can’t affort for the device

You can’t install/run JetPack on a virtual machine because it would need access to the Jetson hardware (like GPU/ect)

However you can install PyTorch or TensorFlow (or other ML libraries) on your PC and use that first. Then if you get a Nano at some point in the future, you could run that PyTorch code on your Jetson.

Okay, thank you for your assistance and for the clarifications, So if i’ve understood, Jetson platform is an environment (hardware and software) for creating edge applications using AI models, analytic tecnologies.

Is there a way to ship a Jetson Nano in Gabon? if yes at what price

You got it, that’s correct!

You may want to check with our distributors Silicon Highway or Arrow to see if they can ship you one there.