Jetson Nano in IoT application


I have a general question about the use of Jetson Nano in IoT applications.

Assume we have a couple of sensors that measure different parameters. Some sensors are connected wireless to the Jetson some are wired. The wireless sensors use for example LoRa, the wired use UART, SPI, I2C.

There are two working modes. Mode 1: the measurement (raw) data from the sensors will be stored on solid state disk (act as a buffer) and send to the cloud for further use and/or storage (cloud: for example AWS). Mode 2: the raw data will be processed on the Jetson via different algorithms (edge computing), the outcome will be displayed on a screen (touch screen) or specific actions are taken. These algorithm can be updated remote (wireless) via the cloud.

My question is this possible. Are there people on this forum with experience in using the Jetson Nano in IoT applications. Is it for example possible to connect the Jetson Nano to a Lora Node (for example small Arduino Lora nodes) and act as a gateway to the cloud. Are there shields that support these functionality. Is it for example possible to communicate to a cellular netwerk in a direct way (for example using 4G shields also used on a Raspberry Pi). Is firmware update wireless via cloud possible.

All feedback is welcome.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Hi Joeri, although I don’t know of specific supported/tested devices, I don’t see why you couldn’t connect a LoRa or 3G/4G adapter to the Nano and communicate to the cloud from the field. You would want to check that the Linux drivers are available - perhaps a USB dongle would be easy to start with. There is also an M.2 Key E slot on the devkit.

Regarding delivery of firmware updates via the cloud, in the next JetPack release we’ll be enabling Over the Air (OTA) updates via an apt package server. After that, you would not need to physically re-flash your Jetson devices to upgrade to subsequent versions of JetPack.


I am interested in connecting a loRa transceiver via SPI on the Jetson and have it work like a loRa end-node. Any suggestions on the library I could use?


Can you share your experience using Jetson Nano and LoRa.