Jetson Nano with wifi or bluetooth access

I use Nano for recording as well inference of video. Instead of adding buttons to device, I am evaluating option where once wifi/bluetooth connection is established between Jetson Nano and mobile device, I want to control all operations using mobile app.
I have seen similar solution using other devices, but not sure how to achieve the same in Jetson Nano. Could someone please guide?

Usually we connect to Jetson Nano through ssh login and execute commands. If your mobile and Nano are in same LAN(through wifi), you should be able to run this usecase. For bluetooth, we don’t have much experience, would need other users to share experience.

Thanks @DaneLLL

I came across one solution where bluetooth or wifi module be connected to Jetson Nano UAT port. This way, it is possible to interact from mobile app using Wifi or BLE access. Does anyone knows such solution?