How to use bluetooth on the Jetson Nano

I am trying to set up bluetooth on a Jetson Nano and I am coming up short. I have been researching how to create a serial connection through C++ or Python to the Intel Wireless chip and I am not finding much information about it. I know there is information about creating a serial connection with the built in bluetooth for a Raspberry Pi, but I have not found anything regarding the Jetson nano. How do you create a serial connection with the bluetooth module on the Jetson Nano? What resources are there on the subject? I cannot figure out how to create a connection. The end goal is to be able to connect another arduino device or an Android phone to the Nano through a C++ or python program.

Hi robotsgotme,

please refer to this topic.

It appears that I have been slightly mistaken. After looking at @WayneWWW post and doing more searching on the internet, using bluetooth is nothing to do with the Jetson platform itself. It entirely has to do with using Bluez Linux Bluetooth protocol stack for C++ or a Python library for cross-platform support.


There is a cross-platform Python version too:

I will consider this topic closed then.