Jetson Nano Bluetooth


I have a question regarding Jetson Nano Bluetooth. Is it possible to use USB to TTL Serial Cable - Debug / Console Cable for Raspberry Pi for my Jetson Nano to transmit data to another Jetson Nano?

Hi @megans0610
Sorry but I don’t understand the serial cable and Bluetooth.

I think, it’s not about bluetooth. Right?
Do you wanted to use serial cable to transmit data between two Jetson Nano?


Yes to transmit data between 2 Jetson Nano. But, is there a way to transmit it wirelessly like using that USB adaptor with a Bluetooth Module (e.g. HC06/HC05)?

I tried it directly (without USB serial adapter).

Theoretically, this can work.

From @ozguryildiz’s post Jetson Nano to Jetson Nano Bluetooth - #2 by ozguryildiz
If your setup is ready, can you try it (ttyUSB0 may be different in your device):
sudo gtkterm -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -s 9600

I will try it ASAP.

Hope it works

Hi! What do you mean by directly?

I mean
Jetson Nano + Bluetooth module (with GPIO connection).

I understood that, your setup look like
Jetson Nano + USB Serial Adapter + Bluetooth module
(with USB connection between Jetson Nano and USB serial adapter; with serial connection between USB serial adapter and Bluetooth module)

Am I right?

yep thats right, we are planning to do that if the AC8265 Bluetooth and Wifi card does not work.