Jetson Nano to Jetson Nano Bluetooth


I have a question regarding sending data from one Jetson Nano to another Jetson Nano using wireless transmission. I have 2 Jetson Nano. For now, I am thinking of using Bluetooth but are there any recommendations on how to proceed on this and what type of Bluetooth Module is suitable for this application? Most preferably using a USB Bluetooth Module
Hope there can be an answer soon as I’m using it for my project.

Thank you very much!

Hi @megans0610

We have tried HC06 bluetooth module with Jetson NX. This link might helps you to take data from HC06 bluetooth module.

There is a wifi and bluetooth tutorial with Jetson Nano which could be beneficial for your goal.

Hope it helps.


Hi @ozguryildiz !

Thanks for the prompt reply. Really appreciate the links :D
However, to double check, are there any other links available that shows the transmission of data using 2 Jetson Nano instead?

Thank you!

Does anyone know if using AC8265 WIRELESS NIC FOR JETSON NANO, WIFI & BLUETOOTH card can be used to transmit data from one Jetson Nano to another Jetson Nano? Please advise on how to do so too. Hope there can be an answer soon.

Thank you!


I think the best way is connecting both nano to the same router for data transmission.
It’s the most convenient way.

Okies thank you so much!

Hi! Are there any alternative methods other than using the router? Thank you!

Hi I have already connected both my Jetson Nano to the same router. However, I am unsure on how to send data using Python Code, is it possible to guide me along?