Jetson Nano Bluetooth

Does anyone know if using AC8265 WIRELESS NIC FOR JETSON NANO, WIFI & BLUETOOTH card can be used to transmit data from one Jetson Nano to another Jetson Nano? Please advise on how to do so too. Hope there can be an answer soon.

Thank you!

I am not sure what kind of scenario you want here.

If you use x2 AC8265 cards on 2 jetson nano, then you can configure one jetson nano to wifi AP and another one to STA and connect one nano to another AP through wifi first.

With the IP, you can use scp or something else to send data between two jetson nano.
All the steps here have no difference as x86 desktop case. The configuration of AP/STA could be done through GUI on ubuntu desktop.


Basically, I want to send data (after doing image recognition) on one of the Jetson Nano to the other Jetson Nano so that I can sound a speaker on the other end for an alert. To do so, I realised I need to use Bluetooth to do the wireless transmission. Hence, I was wondering if the cards are able to do the above situation.

May I ask to explain further on what is Wifi AP and STA? Thank you!

The card itself on jetson nano should be fine but I am not pretty sure about bluetooth related programming on linux. Maybe other users can share their program too. What is your image recognition program based on? Some python script or a C/C++ program or something else?

And wifi AP and STA should be something you are using everyday. When you use your phone to connect to a wifi hotspot, this hotspot device is a wifi AP, and your phone is wifi STA.

Hi! Thank you very much :D
The Image Recognition I am using is Python3 script using MobilenetV2 or YOLO. Hope that clarifies.