How to debug memory leak in deepstream

Hi when I run the deepstream with 1 rtsp stream,with yolov3-tiny, I found the memory increase 0.8 during half hours. and it continue to increase . from 15.2% to 16%. do I have a way to debug it? I didn’t change the code in objectDector_Yolo, only run with my model.

my device is Tx2 ,and deepstream is 4.0


Would you mind to update your software into Deepstream 4.0.1 and JetPack4.2.2 first.
There are some rtsp-related fixes in the new version.



Are you using a custom model or standard yolov3-tiny ? Also, how did you test the memory leak ?

do I have a way to debug it?
You can use valgrind to check memory leak.