How to do GUI programming in Nsight

Can anybody suggest me a GUI design tool for Nsight, which could support CUDA C++ project well? Thank you very much!


Guess that you can try Qt5 but we don’t have too much experience with it.
Maybe other users can share their experience.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience

@xiangyi.xu did you find any way to do GUI development using Nsight? I am on Jetson TX2 and writing a realtime 3D graphics application so Nsight is ideal IDE for this with complete support for OpenGL and CUDA. The only missing piece is GUI design and implementation. I am on Ubuntu 16.04. I guess the GUI system varies between different OSes. So I am looking for a library that can work with Linux windowing system.

As mentioned by @AastaLLL, you may try Qt which is available on many systems including Linux arm32/arm64/x86…) and Windows.
You would design and code your GUI with qtcreator.
If you want to give it a try, the installation is a bit tricky on arm, but you may get it after reading this post.

@Honey_Patouceul, I have read the post you referenced before. I think the step you showed there would work for GUI based OpenGL applications with cross-compile support. One last piece missing is CUDA support. Integrating the NVCC phases into the build process of Qt5. So that I can work on computer vision, 3D graphics based apps with GUI support with complete piece of mind.

To be honest, if NSight had some built-in support for designing and implementing GUIs, I would not have looked at Qt at all. There is this option to integrate GTK+ with NSight but then again there is no information on this available or at least I cannot find it.I have got Nsight on host machine cross-compiling OpenGL and CUDA based samples. I am new to Linux dev and from what I have read so far, Qt seems way superior than GTK+ for GUI apps, I am not sure if I go with GTK+ and NSight route, I will have enough flexibility to roll-out reasonably good GUIs. This is my only hesitation. I am very tight on timelines and cannot afford to experiment and decide. I would more than welcome someone who is well versed in GUI development on Linux to share some insights.

The link I’ve referenced was for TX2 native setup.
I have not tried that, but I think that when you are happy with your gui design with Qt, you may import your code and qmake generated files into a NSight Project linking to Qt libs for further profiling. But that’s pure speculation, I cannot guarantee it will work or be easy.