Nsight IDE / Alternative on Xavier JP4.4


Is it possible to run NSight IDE on the Xavier (JP4.4EA) ?

If not - any other c++ IDE that lets you:
– go forward/backward in the class/function space (i.e. “go to definition”, “go to declaration” , “find all occurrences” etc) ?
– Profile multi threaded + CUDA code for bottlenecks ?

Thanks for the help !

Hi dannykario,

Please refer to https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/develop/tools


Apologies for the naive questions, but its not very clear.
I installed the JP4.4 , including tensorRT, Deepstream etc. Cuda compiler and all other cuda related programs runs fine from the cmd line.


I could not find or run the NSight on the Xavier- what am I missing ?

Thanks for the help !

I think you will find NSight is intended to run on the PC in a cross development environment, and not run directly on Xavier.

if NSight only run on PC only, May I know what are the procedures to deploy the program developed on PC to the Jetson Xavier?

You would download the version of JetPack/SDK Manager (to the PC) which was used for initial flash of L4T/Ubuntu to the Jetson. If you want to see what that L4T release is, then in earlier releases “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release” would tell you; if this is a newer L4T/Ubuntu release, then “dpkg-l | grep nvidia-l4t-core” will tell you.

To see which JetPack/SDK Manager release goes with that L4T/Ubuntu release look at this URL (you will have to go there, log in, and then click the link again to see content):

The instructions are there, but basically you install a Debian package via "dpkg -i <packagename>. For example, if the file is “sdkmanager_0.9.12-4180_amd64.deb”:
sudo dpkg -i sdkmanager_0.9.12-4180_amd64.deb

From there the instructions tell you how to actually launch and use SDK Manager. You would probably uncheck flash steps and uncheck adding things you are not interested in, e.g., to install NSight would not require any packages being installed to the Xavier (and no flash of Xavier), so this would all be unchecked. This would run on the Ubuntu 18.04 host PC for debugging the running Xavier.