NSight Compute


Does Jetpack 4.2 contain the NSight Compute tool for the host machine? If so, where can I find it?


Yes, you can install it, part of JetPack, with SDK Manager.
After installed, You can try with below commands to find it.

whereis nsight or find /usr/ -iname nsight

Hi Vickyy,

This locates NSight Eclipse Edition on my computer, but I thought NSight Compute is a new separate profiler (https://developer.nvidia.com/nsight-compute)? We used it with Xavier in a GTC workshop

checking if it will be included in JetPack. Will update here.


Confirmed with our internal team.
Nsight Compute will be supported in our future release.


Ah ok- thanks for the update

Are there any developments on this matter? I still cannot see nsight compute on 4.4.1


You can download the Nsight Compute in this webpage:

Please noted that the tool need to be launched on a host environment.
And remote link to Jetson for the profiling.